About Us

We are KREET

We’ll help make your home a true reflection of your personality, with pieces that are part sophisticated design, part quirky charm – and all heart. They’re also unique and proudly local, created right here in Pretoria. 

As at home in a carefully curated collection, as they are in a loved-up family nook. Add style to your home, or gift it to someone special. 

The Reason

Born from a genuine love of architecture, and after discovering the surprising versatility of concrete as an artistic medium, Kreet came about from the innate desire to create something you can hold. More importantly, to make something with your hands. 

What began as a hobby quickly became more, as demand for our products far outstripped initial expectations. Now, we’re a small team with big aspirations to bring refreshing, vibrant art into homes around South Africa – and beyond.

The Products

With simplicity in mind, the marriage of contemporary digital design with the timeless elegance of simple materials like concrete, is at the core of our products. There’s a lot of beauty in concrete, and the perfectly imperfect, and our pieces highlight this beauty with clean lines and whimsical characters. 

This isn’t mass production, and you won’t find our products gracing the shelves of a superstore. Each piece is made with care, with the knowledge and hope that it’s going somewhere wonderful: home.

The Mission

When you buy from KREET, you’re not just buying a piece of art. You’re supporting the local community, and helping further the vision of a sustainable venture that will provide much-needed training and employment opportunities to the local South African economy. 

Choose a piece you love…

Know what you want and need help bringing it to life? We’ll help you put that vision into literal concrete with our bespoke commissions service. 

Small, large, one-off or bulk order – we’ll work closely with you at every step to deliver a piece you’ll love. Start the conversation here

…or let the piece choose you.

When you know, you know. Browse our full collection here.

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