Black Friday 2022

OK so let’s get to business – I’m genuinely disappointed with how most South African companies have done Black Friday. I have seen 10% to 20% at most and in some cases strange price manipulation. Bumping up regular prices and then discounting back to where it was – lame.

I thought, nah, we can’t deal with black Friday right now and we’re not going to meet delivery expectations. But hell, it’s been a hectic year for everyone and we think if you want a KREET brakkie, bokkie or some other fantastical creature you should be able to get one! Long story short, we are doing black Friday and will do 40% off EVERYTHING starting right now!

The only catch, no free shipping and it WILL take a while for us to get your piece to you. Perhaps a few weeks even. So be warned :P Don’t worry though, you will get your goods but it will likely take some time and I can’t really say how long to be perfectly honest. We won’t make promises we can’t keep.

To get in on the special, please use the coupon code BF2022 at checkout and enjoy <3


  • How long will it take to get my KREET piece? – Maybe a few weeks. If all goes well, before Christmas but be prepared if it takes longer.
  • It’s taking longer than I thought to get my order. What’s the deal? – The deal is it will take longer than usual.
  • Why is my order taking so long? – We make all items on demand and rarely have stock on hand. Things also go wrong from time to time and we need to make new molds. That also takes ages. Eishkom and Murphy’s law also does not help in that department.
  • I ordered but never got an email confirmation? – Check your spam folder. If it’s not there and you are worried, drop us an email at
  • You guys are taking ages to respond! – We are super busy casting creatures but still eager to chat. Just be patient.
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